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Taylor Gray Hints A New Independent Project

Taylor Gray Shoot

Taylor Gray is back in the studio

Chicago rising artist Taylor Gray is back in the studio, recording his second independent project. Do you remember his first project UnapologetiallyME.? I know I do.

Before we’re blessed with a title that will give us an idea of what to expect from El TGray this second time aroundwe’re going to be in store for a few surprises. Still visuals will be released from an album shoot, which will be shot by Chicago independent photographer Danny Photo, who has had the opportunity to shoot for P Diddy‘s new Tequila line.

We can expect a hot new single that will set the stage for the feel of the entire project. We are not quite sure whether this project will be a full length LP or another EP. The visual will be shot by VisualSZN, who also shot his ‘Dreamcatcher’ visual, and has had the opportunity to shoot Beyoncé at a TidalX Event.

You can watch the Dreamcatcher visual below

Before you spectate the extraordinary visual, let’s have a talk about communication. Communication is key in the music industry. Artists have to communicate their projects to those of us who love to brag about their artistic works, while also not giving away too much information. Remember, thieves do run the gamut in the industry. Artists also have to communicate, sometimes assertively, with members of their team.

If you, as a musician, ever feel like you can’t honestly communicate what you need and expect from your team, just remember that branding a musician is like campaigning for presidency. If you or your team don’t deposit all of your passion into a project, you’ll realize just how critical and cruel the world can be. Talented artists deserve proper recognition.

As a gift, I’ve put together a playlist

This is my way of communicating my passion to musicians. Music is the most passionate form of communication after all. This playlist is meant to get your creative juices flowing while also telling a personal story of my life. Can you guess how the story goes after your listen?

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