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1,2,3,4 Meet The Poster Child Of Afro-folk


Stumbling upon Mirel Wagner’s music is like finding a $10 bill on the ground a week  before the next pay day. The Finland native’s affinity for folk style music sets her apart from her peers within the genre. She’s young, she  sports a curly, wild afro, and has stand a out quality to her voice.

Her single “1, 2, 3, 4” is a laid back soiree of dark elements. It’s just Mirel and her guitar, and she strums her little friend hard with a drawn out cadence. The rasp and shakiness in her voice comes off as a tone slightly above a whisper. It’s almost  as if she doesn’t want to speak too loudly in the presence of whatever is lurking nearby.

The repetitive  hook where she sings out “1 -2-3-4, what’s underneath the floor?” leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Do you dare to check, or are you the squeamish type? It’s also difficult to ignore the grunge elements in the song; this isn’t a traditional folk track. The hard strumming at times will jump out at you during her crescendo, and feels like Mirel was an under study of your favorite grunge band from the 90’s.

There’s no harm in this witch’s brew, every component blends perfectly. It may look scary, but it goes down easy. Do we have here the poster child of afro-folk? After hearing “1,2,3,4,” you’ll want to hear more from this budding artist. Her album “When the Seller Children See the Light of Day” is a thrilling musical hay ride through a haunted forest.

It’s been sometime since the elusive Mirel released any music hopefully we’ll be hearing from her soon as 2017 dawns upon us. Pop up on her Instagram, @mirelwagner, and check out her website  Pick up her album on Bandcamp,, and while you’re there check out the music videos for her singles “The Dirt,” and “Oak Tree.”

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