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Beyoncé’s ‘Bey Sting’ Makes Kanye West Insecure


fac3891678_beyonce-600x600Does Beyoncé make you insecure?

If Beyoncé makes you insecure, shouldn’t you understand why? The beauty behind Queen Bey’s madness isn’t of her control, it’s all apart of her mind set. Yes, you do have to get your mind set before you start to climb your custom staircase to royalty. Beyoncé is, in fact, one of the most desirable and powerful female entertainers on the planet. But, “with great power comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben

2305a5730a_-size-lYour ascending insecurities are purely just the effect of a Bey Sting. How you control the effect is up to you. Queen Bey is the embodiment of perfection, at least from what the world had seen. A kind of perfection that is in fact imperfect. She has plummeted countless times on stage; She’s gotten her hair sucked into a fan while performing; She also, recently, ripped out her earring on tour. But you see, she always stood her ground while continuing to put on a resplendent show in the face of all of the things that could have held her back from the idea of perfection.

The envy that comes from this antidote to failure is the Bey Sting and it hurts like hell, especially when stung by her ruthless BeyHive. Remember when Chic-fil-a tried to make a few extra millions a couple of months ago?




Beyoncé is the person, I’m guessing, about 90% of all young girls aspire to be like when they grow up. Is it because Queen Bey is an image on The Spectrum, also known as Google? The World Wide Web is something of a secret weapon, it gives you a sort of power amongst children. If someone can search you on google to verify your credibility, they become fond of you, a kind of fondness that is preceded by free personal promotion.


Spectrum Guidelines

There are guidelines you have to follow to successfully enter The Spectrum, and gain its extraordinary perks. Valid credibility is not just a cyber presence; You have to put in work to make your cyber presence shimmer. Follow the guidelines below and you should start to see your magic staircase shift closer to you.


  • Be young forever

Find a way to showcase your innocence and grace, while making a little extra cash to pay your bills.

  • Be credible

Share your past; Get active in you work; Show the world your good intentions, and be the great and original person you are or are becoming.

  • Showcase Authenticity

Be Authentic in your pursuits to gain the eyes of the world. Never jeopardize your image to get an extra push.

  • Site your sources

You have to collaborate; Site your inspirations; Always and forever, give credit where credit is due. Never claim someone else’s work for your own.

  • Inspire

Inspire your audience and their dreams or goals; Make them want success and follow in your footsteps or something alike.

Kanye West was the latest victim of the Bey Sting


Was Kanye stung by Queen Bey, or is he actually psychotic? Lets think about the facts. Kanye West took to the Stage in Sacramento to give us all what we look for everyday, the truth. He gave fans the show that they payed to see; A presentation that any reporter from TMZ or CNN would have killed to be apart of; he presented the truth.

The truth is; Beyoncé set an unrealistic idea of perfection in which everyday, young girls try to live up to. However, her idea of perfection is expressed by paying for it. While it is true that she worked for her millions spent, her image is a lie. I wonder how big and iconic she would be if she had not, the money to buy her fame.

Now that Donald Trump is setting up camp in the White House, there seems to be a new order in America. Everyone wants to be just like their new president. Donald trump, immune to the Bey Sting, is taking Queen Bey’s place as the face of perfection, but with a paradoxical twist. He is the face of imperfection, because no ones is perfect. Attention is being caused by those who are the attention, and the idea of perfection is being depleted.

“Being perfect don’t always change sh*t, bro.” -Kanye West

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