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The Lumineers Complete Music Video Trilogy With “Sleep on the Floor”


“Sleep on the Floor” appears to be the last video in a trilogy with “Cleopatra” and “Angela.”

After four years of constant touring and recording, The Lumineers released their highly anticipated sophomore album Cleopatra this summer. They certainly didn’t disappoint. Cleopatra is sure to be on nearly every 2016 Album of the Year lists.

Since the album’s release they have again embarked on an extensive tour, but have also released three connected music videos. In order of release, “Cleopatra” was released in early July, followed by “Angela” in September. “Sleep on the Floor” concludes the storyline. The Lumineers have established themselves as some of the best storytellers in music, and these videos prove they don’t stop at lyrics.

The chronological order of the videos is likely the reverse of the release dates. They tell the story of the life of the taxi driver in “Cleopatra” and how the choices she’s made have led her to where she is now. The lyrics of all the songs in the videos, as well as the song “Ophelia,” likely all tell different parts of the same story, so be sure to listen carefully.

Check out all of the videos and get Cleopatra on Apple Music and Spotify. Watch “Cleopatra” here, and “Angela” here. Watch the video finale, “Sleep on the Floor,” below.

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