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Watch OK Go’s New Slow Motion Music Video for “The One Moment”


“The One Moment” music video is composed, mostly, of just 4.2 seconds of footage.

It’s not often a band is more known for their music videos than their actual music, but OK Go has made a career of it. After releasing their well choreographed treadmill video for “Here We Go Again” in 2009, OK Go have been on a mission to find new ways to amaze with their music videos. From massive Rube Goldberg machines, to zero gravity, to videos with choreographed puppies, they have been much more intricate since the original treadmill video.

For “The One Moment” they decided to take slow motion to a whole new level, making nearly an entire video out of just 4.2 second of footage. Taking “The One Moment” literally took a great deal of planning obviously, and you can watch the behind the scenes video here.

Their music has never been anything to write off, however, always holding up behind their videos. OK Go’s most recent album, Hungry Ghosts, is one of their best so far. Highlighted by tracks like “I Won’t Let You Down” (which also has an amazing video, here) and “The One Moment,” Hungry Ghost shows that their music could be successful despite their brilliant videos.

Check out “The One Moment” below. Every video OK Go is mesmerizing, so check out their YouTube channel. Get Hungry Ghosts on Apple Music and Spotify.

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