J-Live Describes The Horror Of The Presidential Election With “Eleven Nine”

J-Live Describes The Horror Of The Presidential Election With "Eleven Nine"

It looks like we’re going to be getting a lot more politically/socially-conscious music following the results of this 2016 presidential election. Hip-hop artist J-Live has something to say on the matter. I first discovered this artist nearly a decade ago while playing, of all things, Tony Hawk’s Underground, with his song “Braggin’ Writes – Revisited” on the soundtrack. J-Live has already spoken out against police brutality with “I Am A Man.” Now he is going in on the entire nation of America and it’s long history of discrimination, racism and corruption, with “Eleven Nine.”

From nine-eleven to eleven-nine, America been steady losing it’s f***ing mind / the dumb now lead the deaf, but they both blind / I guess that city on the hill done lost its shine.”

If you’re looking for some good protest music after the election, you can add this to the collection. J-Live’s mixtape At The Date of This Writing will drop on December 12th. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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