Morgan Heritage Heir, Jemere Morgan, Revisits His Roots On Latest Single


[Song]: Good Old Roots

[Artist]: Jemere Morgan

Overall Grade/Rating: 10

Production: A

Lyrics: A

Melody: A

Execution: A

Subject Matter: A

Replay Value: A+ ( a traditional reggae composition with a positive message)

Play or Nay: Play

Critique: Jemere Morgan’s efforts on his latest single, “Good Ol’ Roots,” stay in focus with his predecessors, Morgan Heritage. The traditional reggae sounds of horns, that signature baseline, and organ chords are thrown in the mix. However, none of that stands in the way of originality, quality, and delivery.

Morgan’s uplifting message comes at listeners like a plate of good home cookin’. He doesn’t waste his ability to speak out to the yout in need of guidance during the era of “whatever.”  With  lyrics like “it’s cool to be conscious,” and the very catchy hook “roots, roots, roots there’s nothin’ better than the good ol’ roots, your roots will never die this is the truth of life,” the single is sure to catch a wave.

Threaded throughout the song are teachings of national pride, and history. You can hate it or love it, but Morgan’s style definitely has it’s place. He takes his responsibility seriously of carrying the Heritage torch. “Good Ol’ Roots” stands out in a sea of synth, and nonsense with its traditional presentation. This is definitely a track that can be played at any get together, because of the “for all ages” suitability.

These good qualities however could miss the mark with a particular audience, and with the audience that needs it most, the yout. The old school vibes are indeed refreshing, but for restless ears this may not have a major appeal. None of that really matters when taking into consideration Morgan’s brevity, smooth vocals, and cleverness. The well designed hook gets the point across simple and sweet. Of course another win for Morgan comes from long time fans of the Heritage period who can expect nothing less from the singer and heir to the reggae legacy.

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