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The Spectrum Of The Streaming Wars

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I threw a tantrum last night

I am said to have little to no credibility in the small town of Muncie, IN. It’s the location where I fell into a deep sleep, not realizing that I was living a dream. A dream that was both rewarding and haunting. I promised things I could not give, and was promised resources I never saw. It was my first encounter with karma. What is the truth, about my time in the Cardinal small town of Muncie? It’s said that there are chirps that vibrate from every corner. I was at war with himself, the war between man and ego, where death is either man or ego. The choice is up to the man. During this time, I was highly influenced by the music industry during the first ever Streaming Wars.

The Era of the Streaming Wars

streaming wars

The day I became the industry, is the day I found my calling. I started writing for the Industry, also known as Iam The Industry. We are leaders emerging honest indie music, and Indie Culture traditions. We make it our mission to document the real, and raw, mainstream music that survives through all the fake Pop Culture cover-ups. Pop Culture is the money-making faction of the music industry, when you don’t pay attention, attention pays you. Within just a few months, I scored my first interview highlighting my hunch about the impending changes in the music industry, and small businesses going big. This was The Era of The Streaming Wars. Before you become familiar with the spectrum of the Streaming Wars, anticipate the coming knowledge with the playlist above. Then start from the beginning by reading about what started the Streaming Wars, in the link below.

Music Streaming⚔ An Introduction To The New Age

streaming wars

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Mars Émerté
Born and raised in Indiana, a state where mainstream music dominates and talent goes unnoticed, Mars Donté Jackson has always been in the loop with the newest and biggest artists out. As a kid, after obsessing over many music artists, Mars developed a passion for songwriting and secretly dreamed of being an entertainer/composer. He did not have the voice to pursue this dream so it died along with his songwriting, or so he thought. His love for music only grew, and he started to follow the lives, struggles, and careers of his favorite artists, such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Drake and many others, only to realize that the music industry was in need of a big paradigm shift, which took place during the first ever streaming wars. He makes it his mission to defy the standards and practices that are now dated in the entertainment industry to create new ways to market and make wonderful works of art. As a creative writer, journalism is the first step into his plan of changing the world. He dreams that everyone will become “woke” and join his journey in becoming liberated, and helping bring back the honesty and raw emotion in music, literature, and film.