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A Union Between Soul Brothers ‘Mars & TEO’

Who is Mars Amun

TEO definition

Taylor Gray becomes TĒO

Taylor welcomes us to the world of TEO with a preview of his up & coming single Disposable. TEO is blue in Disposable, from the spectrum of emotions. It seems as if he has had some troubles in the trust department, and his emotions are pouring out in this snippet. Remember, Drake trusts little because he loves much. I wonder if TEO will cover the full range of the spectrum with his next project. Only time will tell.

A musicians stage name is the lost name of their soul. The first challenge of a rising star is to discover their soul, so that they can build an empire to satisfy its appetite; creating food for thought. A musicians soul is the life force that compliments their voice; that unseen anatomy that powers the vibrations of their heart. Without the help of your soul you’d end up like Drake, only showcasing what “Ghost Writers” have written. Don’t be a ghost, find your soul.

Ever wonder how some musicians work so well together, while others find it hard to exchange energies? It’s because of a Union between two souls. In past lifetimes individuals who crossed paths made pacts to always find each other, and work towards a common cause. My soul is named after the roman god of war, Mars. He was a close friend of Ancient Egypt’s Amun-Ra. They shared a love for the goddess who took many faces, and names. Venus was her Roman name, and Hathor was her Egyptian name. Her job was to secretly travel and birth her children to the world. She was a big help to the evolution of the human species.

You could say that Mars and TEO are soul brothers

Artists with similar styles usually make really good music. There’s no doubt that the two soul brothers would make phenomenal music, only time will tell. They would most likely have similar tastes in women too. That’s if Mars ever tires from his rendezvous with the male gender, and settles down with the “Hathor of his life.” Wondering if there will be a collaboration between the two soul brothers? Follow along the final narrative poem before you’re gifted with a glimpse into the future, and have a listen to the playlist above as you become familiar with Mars.

“Fresh oak

A soft needle poke

Sprouts and blooms

feeding off heated body fumes

The air is steamy

fertilizer’s diluted

The fires polluted

Give it sun light

smell the aroma,

It’s heaven but muted

What is this place?”


Listen to a snippet of Disposable below

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