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Pop Culture: Contagious Or Conservative?

pop culture trends

Do you know the secret to setting cultural norms in society?

The US is a melting pot, where multiple cultures furnish their own distinct flavors to make up American culture; but what influences American Culture? Pop culture is short for Popular Culture. It is the vernacular and entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and other phenomena in American culture. American culture is the sum of popular phenomena and, some would say, conservative structures. Conservative in that, when older play-makers see the effectiveness of pop phenomena they try to filter and control the exposure, staying in a traditional lane.

I asked a few friends what their definition of Pop culture is and their answers are as follows;

pop culture discussion

pop culture discussion

Does pop culture have to include pop music?

Socialites and celebrities are the pupils who influence the masses, contributing to trends set in pop culture. By hosting events, charities, and other massive events aired on national television, they subliminally promote social and worldly issues in today’s society. However, sometimes hearing someone talk about something can be a bit boring and non-attentive to catching the attention of an audience. This is where music depicts a major role in popular trends set in society. Music is one of the fastest and most entertaining ways to subliminally influence a large amount of people around the world. Anything made popular typically isn’t forced. Film and television are both other major areas of pop culture influencing.

Most It-People have specific audiences and purposes, for example; Groups like The Beetles and the Rolling Stones were pioneers of British rock n’ roll. As they transformed British rock n’ roll into something of their own, they also influenced pop fashion brought over from Britain such as; mini skirts and the “twiggy” look. Their audience was a big chunk of Gen-X rebels.

Popo fashion in the 60's

Another example of major influencers in pop culture; Brittany Spears and her influence on girls in America, making the diction she used in her music mainstream cool, and her use of the color pink. “It’s Brittany B*tch.” Every It-Girl had an obsession with the color pink. For example, her music spoke to the mean girls in high school who wore pink on Wednesdays. Her audience was a big chunk of Gen-Y and the “Queen B’s” of high school.

pop culture trends

Pop culture is intended to influence a youthful audience

Adults don’t follow trends, it’s usually the young as they are finding themselves. Now days, there’s a lot of controversy over the topics and style of modern musicians who furnish pop culture trends. Cultural appropriation is a big issue now in modern pop culture. Remember the mild twerking done by Beyoncé in the age-old Crazy in Love video? The video is about seven years old, however twerking became pop only three years ago. The world went bananas when Miley Cyrus debuted her first twerking video. As unconventional twerking may seem, in African culture it’s how people praise and bond with one another.

The problem with this is that the origins and purpose weren’t recognized. Furthermore twerking is now a common joke amongst adults and popular amongst American teens because of someone who adopted the dance. Don’t get me wrong, Miley Cyrus is a great person, and I don’t blame her for this issue. It just shows how unfair and contagious pop culture is sometimes.

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