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Rhythmic Euphoria – The Lost Emotion In Music

There are two types of people when it comes to listening to music

When listening to music, there are two types of people; The first person is one who pays close attention to how a song makes them feel. This person then identifies which emotion is evoked by said song. For example, a couple of days ago I listened to River by Bishop Briggs for the first time. I paid close attention to how the song made me feel to pin-point how she felt when recording the song. I felt something I thought I had forgotten; It was Euphoria, the peak emotion of positivity. It was like falling in love but with life. It was truly better than any high.

The second person is one who immediately gets up and dances when hearing a really good song. When you party a lot you tend to notice how different people are when it comes to music and having fun. I notice that certain crowds differentiate when it comes to genres and dancing. For example, A while back I saw March Fourth in concert at Ball State. Their concert was a lot different from previous concerts I’ve been too; it was more personal. You could tell the band wanted everyone to be moving whether it was with rhythm or not. I noticed people jumping and letting loose, like they needed to release a lot of bad energy.

What’s the difference between a genre and a faction in music?

Certain genre’s have influenced American culture and the lifestyles most American’s live. Is there a such thing as a music faction? Genre’s are known as types of music. When two genre’s come together they reproduce, making a new genre. When a genre becomes a lifestyle like Pop Culture, and Hip-Hop Culture that’s when the genre evolves into a faction; otherwise known as a group of people who live the same lifestyle. For example, Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur were very different yet similar at the same time. They had different music styles, similar levels of passion, but both of them hated the music industry. They were pioneers of Indie Culture. Neither one of them wanted the fame that comes with the job, but they had a deep passion to create and share their art.

What is the purpose of creating music?

As a kid I had to gain the skill of attention to detail. I spent most of my childhood with my sister and her friends who were older than me. I liked hanging out with them because they knew how to party, and music was always at the center of the party. There are different genres because people have different tastes and lifestyles. The purpose of music is to bring people together with lifestyles alike for a moment of fun and release; whether it be dancing or emotion inhaling. When an artist can evoke euphoria in a song, that’s when you know they truly have a gift.

Check out Golden Nuggets to get an idea of the music I grew up listening to, that I would consider to evoke euphoric dancing and emotion.

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