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Don’t Sleep On The Skins’ New EP “Still Sleep”

Don't Sleep On The Skins' New EP “Still Sleep”

[EP]: Still Sleep
[Artist]: The Skins
Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10
Production: A-
Lyrics: B+
Melody: A-
Execution: A
Subject Matter: B
Replay Value: A+
Fav Songs: “i”
Least Fav Songs: “Bury Me”
Originality: A-
Skip or Spin: Spin
Features: A
Critique: From pop to soul, hip-hop to R&B – The Skins are all about genre blending as well as experimenting. On their 5-track EP Still Sleep, released this past December, not one song sounds the same as another. You’re getting a lot with this short EP, with hip-hop, R&B, rock as well as soul sounds all fused together to create something fresh, even energetic.

“My siblings and I are black kids out of Bed-Stuy who have rock roots that inform the dynamic pop music we play and write,” says band member and lead singer Bay Li. Whose vocals may immediately remind you of Adele’s a little bit. Out of the 5 members of the band, 3 of them are related.

Their video for their single “Bury Me,” which features D.R.A.M., is directed by Ariel Fisher. It serves as a visual representation of a break up in Bay Li’s life. The soundscape makes it feel as though the listener is tumbling down a dark hole, but it isn’t depressing. It’s more of an intoxicating downward spiral. D.R.A.M. is a solid feature.

“I’ve gotten past that point in my life, I’ve grown from it, I’ve evolved from it,” Bay Li told Complex over the phone. “So, for the video to come off strong, like, ‘even though you’re kind of f***ing with me, I like it, I can take it, I’m a woman, I’m strong.’ I think that’s dope and I hope people feel that vibe.”

Li is one talented vocalist, and that is evident from the very first song on The Skins’ EP, “i.” They sound even better in front of the dynamic production and instrumentation that lays behind her. It plays like a radio hit, while still having a bit of that indie-grime to it. It’s actually the perfect song to introduce the project and their sound.

“Get Off” employs some hard guitar riffs, coupled with the anthemic, pop-like chorus, it sounds great. The lyrics in this song are sexual and it’s all oozing with confidence. This track feels like another one that could conceivably get some radioplay.

Though this can be said for virtually every track on this EP. “Runaway” starts out sounding like a piano ballad, then switches it up production-wise. It’s super catchy and infectious. “Stampede” ends the project on a high-note, blaring with confidence and poise.

The Skins are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some new music. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

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