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Ed Sheeran’s New Music Drops Today!


In a year of mediocre music, Ed Sheeran has been sorely missed.

Ed Sheeran disappeared from social media some time ago, and while many assumed it was because of a breakup between he and his ex-girlfriend, it looks like he was just working on some new music!

The new music from the album, called “Divide” or “÷,” in the same fashion of his last couple of albums, “+” and “x” drops today and Sheeran has been teasing it on his social media and Snapchat.

To double up on his surprise return, Sheeran released not one, but TWO singles, “Castle on a Hill” and “Shape of You.”

I know what I think about them, but I’m waiting on the rest of the album to give you my opinion. I wanna know what YOU think! Comment below! (And check out this cover of song by The 1975 that he released this morning.)

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