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Let REXX Show You How ‘To Communicate’ With Their New EP

'To Communicate' by Rexx
'To Communicate' by Rexx

[EP]: To Communicate
[Artist]: REXX
Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10
Production: A+
Lyrics: B
Melody: A
Execution: A
Subject Matter: B
Replay Value: A+
Fav Songs: “This Is My Jihad,” “Isaac”
Least Fav Songs: “To Communicate”
Originality: A
Spin or Skip: Spin
Features: N/A
Critique: Good punk rock music can be hard to come across. But thankfully, I stumbled across REXX and was reminded that not all is lost. Their newest EP, To Communicate, is a bit of a departure from their previous project, I Really Tried To Save The Day. Meaning this time around, the 3-piece band stepped away from the conventional and embraced a more fluid, wild style to their instrumentation. Upon first listen, To Communicate immediately reminded me of albums like Wrong by NoMeansNo.

This EP blasts off to a rockin’ start with the opening track “This Is My Jihad.” It very much has a math rock feel, using non-standard time signatures along with some atypical rhythmic structures. Which is slowly becoming one of my favorite styles of indie rock music. The track almost feels a bit cerebral. But the polyrhythmic instrumentation all throughout is a joy to listen to, especially with repeat listens. Theo Cohn on bass is also a standout throughout the whole 3-track project, with this song in particular featuring some sweet guitar licks.

This transitions right into “Motion,” which just continues this whole math rock style. It just becomes more evident that the guys decided to switch up their sound with this EP, or at least tap into something else they may have hinted at on I Really Tried To Save The Day. They’re definitely playing more aggressively, which absolutely works in their favor. This track features some pretty smooth guitar riffs during the verses, and especially during the chorus.

“Laserbeam Barfight” is a track that feels just a tiny bit more subdued than the tracks before it. Still some amazing drumming and guitar work at play, though. There is a real atmospheric, euphoric quality to this track which makes it stand out among the rest. While it’s also the shortest track on the EP, which is actually a plus. The band also reminds me just a little bit of Arctic Monkeys. The way the vocals are mixed on this project also work to its benefit.

“Isaac” blares beautifully with its almost spacey guitar riffs and chord progression. All 5 tracks on this short little EP are groovy and will make you want to get up and move for sure. It may be a bit premature to say, but it feels as though the band has finally found their sound. This band is absolutely headed in the right direction. If REXX plans on keeping this sound and further experimenting with it, I’ll definitely be looking out for their next project.

You can check out REXX on their Bandcamp page, and Facebook.

Have you listened to this EP? What do you think of REXX? Let us know in the comments down below.

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