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Denzel White’s Acclaimed Single And Video Will Get To You


[single]: Get To You

[Artist]: Denzel White

Overall Grade/Rating: A-

Production: A

Lyrics: A

Melody: A-

Execution: A-

Subject Matter: A-

Replay Value: A

Visuals: B

Video Concept: B

Skip or Spin: Spin


Effortlessly, Denzel White delivers silky smooth sensual lyrics with taste. The island jam encompasses all of the elements one would expect from a dancehall/reggae track. The production is what really nails the replay value, and of course White’s straightforward way of expressing his admiration for the grace and personality of a well put together female.

The symphonic undertones of “Get to You” on top of the dancehall percussion along with whatever key gives it a pleasant vibe is gravitating. The brevity is one of the most disappointing parts of the experience. With the song length at just 3:16, you’ll find yourself  racing to hit the replay button right when the groove hits, and the dance moves start to flow.

You can spare your imagination for this one. White creates just the imagery he wants listeners to experience with a video for the single. The sun setting over a beach, White walking through a quaint neighborhood somewhere in the Caribbean, a beautiful girl getting text messages from White about attending a party, and the climactic party at the end that takes place in a warehouse.

The eye candies that comes across the screen in between shots of White’s rendezvous with his girlfriend account for one of the best highlights of the video. Gorgeous Island  gyals grindin’ and twerkin’ while the rude boys present at the party pair up with the ladies is vivid.

There’s not much originality however when it comes to presentation, but the tune is catchy, and the scenes at the party are mouth watering. This is surely why MTV and Revolt TV have given the video some air time. This artist is making big moves, so keep up with him on Instagram @denzelwhitemusic.

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