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I’m WOKE 👀 I Can Finally See – Lauren Visual EP

keke palmer mars amun nefertari

Let me tell you about Lauren Palmer

No, I don’t know her personally, but little does she know she grew up with me. You know her as a childhood actor who knew her ABC’s. I know her as Nefertari, she woke me up so I could see. Today was the day that changed everything. I was this close 👌🏾 to giving up on my dreams. She showed me love by hearing out my cries. Check out her Visual EP, I watched it and started to fly.

I was jealous at first; it almost grew to hate. As I continued watching, my love for her grew to a colossal state. It was my dream in a in reality, enough to give me the fire I’ve been waiting for. I quickly poured out my emotions and recorded them, I have a huge surprise in store. Thank you Keke!

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