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The Lost Era In Music – UltraViolet

Do you still bop to those mid 90’s music hits?

The mid 90’s and early 2000’s were a poppin’ era in music. I remember making it my mission to get out on the weekends no matter the weather. The music was my motivation, and the people it drew to places like the skating rink, house parties, community events, and even just roaming the neighborhood to see who was outside. All of these fun things seem so far-fetch now days. Is it because of the music?

In Indianapolis, mainstream music was a little different from the rest; our music was pop but also hip-hop, r&b, etc. I remember listening to artists that have appeared to have disappeared or have been rejected from mainstream media’s eye; artists like The-Dream, Young Joc, T.I, Lil Boosie, Hurricane Chris, and more. I also remember an influx in girl and guy groups, like Destiny’s Child, B2K, NSYNC, TLC, etc. All of these music artists had one thing in common, and that was influencing the younger generation and getting people out to have fun.

Where are these music artists now?

There have been endless biopics about certain music groups and artists’ journeys in the music industry, so it’s safe to say we know what happened to most of them. However, where are they now? The music industry is a lot different now then before and I know a few of these classic and iconic artists could make comebacks. I personally would like to see a comeback from Young Joc, Hurricane Chris, and maybe even Keri Hilson.

I’m sure everyone would agree that this was a fun and robust era in music. However, I’m not so sure everyone would agree that some projects released during this time were classics and legendary. Drake is not a legend and neither is Taylor Swift, and their albums are not classics. Lets all spend the week listening to a few of those old bops that had the home fireplaces burning, and see what happens around our communities. Just because things may seem like the world is in for a dramatic dispel doesn’t mean that it actually is; you can change your future!

What makes a color neon?

Neon colors are a lot different from the colors on the visible color spectrum. They are much lighter; they have a certain hue to them, and some even glow in the dark. Needless to say, neon colors are very bold and catch more attention from the naked eye than the boring six we see in a rainbow. What makes these colors neon?

Ultraviolet rays are on the electromagnetic spectrum, but they’re unseen to the naked eye. Do they affect visible colors or do they just emit radiation? My “spidey-senses” are telling me that these unseen rays affect the visible colors more than we think. Bookmark us and stay tuned for some healthy knowledge about the overlooked colors on the electromagnetic spectrum, and some unpredicted music news. Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Paint Matter

“I get lost when I work;

don’t wake me up.

You won’t be able to find me when I go;

body on auto, strut your stuff.

I’m working on a piece I call you,

it starts when I press play.

I’ll start at your root and work my way up;

was there something you wanted to say?”


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