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The Royal Lifestyle Of Pop Culture – Violet

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Want to know the truth to how super-stars are trained?

Once a recording label recognizes an individual with impressive and extraordinary talent, negotiation meetings become scheduled. There is a level of discipline one must have in order to be discovered by a recording label. Once they recognize your impressive and extraordinary talent, further discipline and training is offered.

The basic three things a super-star on the rise has to be disciplined in before their debut introduction to the public eye are; expressing opinions, a disciplined appetite, and harnessing their talent. Let me give you a few example of successful talents that made it through a recording labels intense training.

Beyoncé is a modern success and great example of a super-star that started out with a label. A Beyoncé concert ticket is worth thousands, and the price is very much worth the show she gives to her fans. She is the reflection of perfection in every way.

Rihanna is also a modern success and impressive example of a super-star that took the offered training from a recording label. Rihanna‘s concerts aren’t as pricey as Bey’s but her merchandise pricing comes close; and her merchandise is very well worth the price she offers to her fans. These examples show you that a great voice can only take you so far; but other artistic talents such as, dancing, and design are what puts the super to your star.

The difference between you and a global superstar

While you whine about life and the music industry not paying you well, other artists are looking to the future and increasing their commas. Your emotional outbursts are what hurts you the most, and they don’t have to. There is a price to pay for being a global super star; it’s not just fairy tales and hay-rides.

An intense level of scrutiny is placed upon those who wish to live out their dreams. It’s not all about you when you make it, it’s about the world as a whole too. This level of scrutiny calls for a discipline similar to that of a royal council. You have to know how to speak, how to walk, how to dress, and how to form controversial opinions without causing too much commotion. You loose your right to a private life and you sell your soul to a greater cause. This is a good thing, believe it or not.

Does Pop Culture compare to monarch royalty?

You may have never thought about this but Pop Culture and a Monarchy are alike more than you think. A monarch is a sovereign head of state; in Pop Culture there are sovereign citizens who influence a large amount of people. They do not rule this group they call their fans, but they do influence them. This is the one of few difference the two ideals share.

Pop culture is the part of the entertainment industry that controls the youth, from ages as low as 7, to ages as high as 25. Royal pop icons control where people go to have fun, what people wear, how people talk, etc. A royal family controls a lot of these things in countries abroad but they also have the burden to protect their territory as well. A super-star only has the job of influencing their territory; their audience. Pop Culture is “Modern American Royalty. ”

Are you so black you’re purple?

There are three types of color-sensitive cells in the retina; the cone cell, the rod cell, and the photosensitive retinal ganglion cell. These three color-sensitive cells help the human eye(retina) reflect or see color, with the help of the human brain of course. Violet is one of the 6 spectral colors these cells allow us to see. Objects reflecting spectral violet usually appear dark, and human vision is insensitive to those wavelengths which explains the dark shade. Violet has a predominant light wavelength of roughly 380-450 nanometers(nm), with 400 nm being its median.

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Pigment Violet

Contrary to popular beliefs, violet and purple are very different despite their similar colors. Violet is a spectral color and purple is a composite color. In other words, it’s man made. Purple is created by mixing red and blue light, with blue two times as bright as red. This new mixed color is composed of multiple wavelengths rather than a single wavelength which makes it unique and different than violet. Violet is a true color, with its wavelengths on the spectrum of visible light, and purple is not.

Light with a shorter wavelength than violet but longer than X-rays and gamma rays is called ultraviolet. Most humans cannot see these ultraviolet wavelengths, or can we all see them? Indigo is believed by some to be a spectral color on the spectrum of visible light, and indigo is seen by the retina.

In history, violet and purple have been associated with royalty and majesty. Historic Byzantine and Roman emperors wore purple togas, and during the middle ages violet was worn by bishops and university professors. In art, purple was often used as the color of The Virgin Mary’s robes.

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Violet represents the harmony of the universe in Chinese painting because of purple’s combination of red and blue. In Hinduism and Buddhism, violet is associated with the Crown Chakra. Also, violet and purple neckties became very popular at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century. Worn by political and business leaders, it combined the assertiveness of a red necktie connected with the sense of cooperation and peace of a blue necktie. There are many wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum the retina cannot detect; but what about our other senses?

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You ready for Migos ‘Culture’ album release & concert?

The Migos influence men that are into physical training, hosting, and partying. They also influence women that love to dance, and work out. They’re a group from Georgia popularly known for their first hit Versace, and their latest hit Bad and Boujee. They invoke the appealing emotion of fun in every project they release. Check out some of their music, and get ready for a big party and release on January 27th.

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