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The Creative Puberty Stage – Green

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Do you feel intimidated in the Music Industry?

Yesterday was my 20th birthday; I spent the day sleeping because it’s what I wanted to do. I hardly ever get ay sleep now days. Turning 20 is like not aging at all because nothing at all changes, it’s like 19 on repeat. The only thing that changes is your status as a teenager; which is really gross if you think about it. Teen years are some of the best years of someones like; they’re the most youthful.

When you turn 20, you start to notice how really old you’re getting; and how painful your body gets when you are excessively working. Pain is almost painless in your teenage years. My physical aging got me thinking about my mental aging which works a lot different than physical aging. As an artist you start out in the industry as an inexperienced and un-credible youth that gets treated differently than those of aged credibility. As you work you seem to grow mentally, which if done right slows down your physical aging. Those who effectively stay youthful and beautiful the longest turn out to be the most successful in the business of entertainment.

The stages of creative puberty

In the industry, there are 6 ages that a public figure lives that aren’t measured by years. These ages are measured by what the public figure accomplishes, and the time it takes for them to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Everyone’s aging process is different. The stages are; Infant, Toddler, Child, Pre-teen, Teen, and Adult.

When you’re an infant you wish for things that your parents(manager) make happen. At this stage you don’t really have a voice because you literally don’t have one yet, you have to spectate and learn your voice. When you learn to talk, you transition to a toddler; this is when you figure out you have a personality, and have the ability to make people laugh. As a toddler you still have to listen to your manager but you can get away with things that may get you in a little trouble. When you learn the basics of your brand you transition to a child; which calls for discipline.

As a child your parents figure out what you like and as a ploy to get you out of their face they make you do whatever it is they think you like. For example; piano lessons, sports, drawing, dancing, etc. This age sometimes lasts for a long time depending on how well your parents(manager) knows you.Pre-teenage years are the defining years of a person. They are when you start to notice who you are and how you look. These years are when your manager throws you out into a controlled environment to test your audience traction. Depending on how well you like who you are, and are able to showcase yourself well; these years can either drag or dash.

When transitioning to a teen, you get to have a little more fun and freedom. Your responsibilities increase and your manager spectates how well you handle being responsible and under pressure. During these years you have to gain trust so that your parents(manager) trusts you to keep yourself safe and successful when they set you free into your adult years. Your adult years are the hardest but most smooth-flowing years of your life. They drag on until you finally retire, retreat, and enjoy the many pleasure life has to offer. Then you become a legend; which can only happen when you die.

Do you water your talents like green leaves?

Green is the middle child on the visible light spectrum with a wavelength of 495-570 nm. Pure green has a median wavelength of 520 nm. Used on television and computer screens, green is an additive color on the RGB color model. Green, the modern English word, comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon work grene. This is the same Germanic root as the words “grass” and “grow.”

A composite green can be made by mixing blue and yellow light. Green is the color of living grass and leaves and is highly associated with nature. It’s the color of the environmental movement; this association is used by politicians advocating environmental protection and social justice. This association has also lead to campaigns alike in advertising, while companies have sold eco-friendly “green” products. Familiar with the saying “Go Green?”

In European and US surveys, green is the color most commonly connected with life, health, youth, spring, and envy. When the color of clothing showed an owners social status in the Middle Ages and Renaissance; green was worn by merchants, bakers, and the gentry. Green is also a very important color in photosynthesis as it is the only color on the visible light spectrum not used to create sugar for plants. Chlorophyll is a green pigment common to all photosynthetic cells; it absorbs all wavelengths of visible light while only reflecting the unused green seen by the human retina. This molecule absorbs most of the energy from the wavelengths of violet, blue, red, and orange part of the visible light spectrum.

What is the truth about our planet?

Accessory pigments, called Carotenoids, capture the un-absorbed energy from the visible light spectrum by Chlorophyll. They absorb the energy from the wavelengths of blue light and appear yellow, orange, and red to the human retina. Green is the color of most tree leaves, and in the fall we all see them changes colors as they fall and die. These green leaves go through the process of turning yellow, orange, red, and even brown once non-living; with the help of the accessory pigment of course.

The color brown is not on the visible light spectrum but seems to represent the dead as opposed to the living connotation of green. For example; Is the trunk of a tree dead? It has to be immortal, because of its ability to grow and last countless years unlike most flowering plants. You can tell the age of an immortal tree trunk by the number of rings it has in its center. What is the color brown’s truth? It seems to be the opposite of green. Our planet is brown in crust and has many layers leading to its core. Volcanos erupt energy from its core to create new land; is our planet alive? Has it been self-creating its layers? It’s my theory that our planet will not die anytime soon and is only getting bigger and more robust in diameter. 

The Weeknd embodies the emotions of our planet with the Party Monster video

The Weeknd is mainstream amazing. Known by his seductive hit Wicked Games, which molded his brand in just five minutes; The Weeknd is living out his teenage years in the industry. He’s having a little more fun than usual and is constantly in the eye of the public. Check out his new visual for Party Monster below.


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