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Colony House Hits New Heights On ‘Only The Lonely’

[Album]: Only The Lonely
[Artist]: Colony House
Overall Grade/Rating: A or 9/10
Production: A
Lyrics: B+
Melody: A
Execution: A+
Subject Matter: A
Replay Value: A+
Fav Songs: Cannot Do This Alone, You & I, Remembered For, 1234
Least Fav Songs: N/A
Originality: A
Spin or Skip: SPIN

Distorted guitar riffs galore, Colony House deliver fearless rock from start to finish on Only The Lonely.

After pushing Only The Lonely‘s release by four months, Colony House delivers a rocker that is well worth the wait. From the first notes of opener “Cannot Do This Alone”, it’s clear Colony House is ready to explode. This album is bigger than their debut When I Was Younger ever dreamed of being.

Colony House has created a sound all their own. They’ve combined elements from bands like the Beach Boys, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, and more to build something extremely unique. This is evident in “1234”. There are so many clear influences, and yet there’s nothing else quite like it. The jarring pre-chorus cuts off the buildup to the chorus but it jumps right back on the track with ease. Playing with tension is a strength Colony House has always had, and they take full advantage of it throughout Only The Lonely.

The second single “You & I” does the same with an off-tempo bridge. It should kill the momentum of the song, but they just build it back bigger than it was before. The same can be said for “3:20” as it changes rhythms four times at the end of the song, but it just keeps driving as one of the heaviest songs on the album.

They don’t have to mess with rhythms and tempo to make a great song, though. “I Want It All” is a pretty straight forward rock song, and yet it stands out. Their ability to stay away from typical rhythms makes it even more powerful when they keep it in the pocket. “I Want It All” is an infectious rocker that keeps your foot stomping the whole song.

“Follow Me Down” brings out some Bryan Adams vibes, as they bring in more synths than any other point on the record. “Remembered For” most closely resembles first album Colony House, and they still fill it well.

“This Beautiful Life” is a heartfelt epilogue to a raucous album. It may seem out of place, but it highlights the songwriting ability of Colony House, and it gives meaning to the raucousness. There is a real journey that Colony House has gone through as a band, and they have done an incredible job of delivering an album reflective of that.

Only The Lonely is an immediate contender for album of the year in 2017. Watch the music video for “You & I” below and get Only The Lonely now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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