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STAR ON FOX – Orion’s Belt

Star on Fox I Am The Industry

Name a star group with three stars connected for eternity

Star is a new hit musical aired every Wednesday on Fox at 9/8c. Those of us who tune in every week knows the tantalizing girl group as; Star, Alexandra, and Simone; but who are they together? The girls are on the rise to becoming the next big pop group, but every pop group needs a catchy name. The girls’ biggest struggle seems to be staying together through many attempts of being separated. However, the girls have a secret that no ones wants to acknowledge; they are a star group connected for eternity. In the night sky Orion’s Belt is an asterism of three stars forming what astronomers know as the belt of Orion.


“What you get is what you see,” and these girls are bringing everything. They give me a modern-day Sparkle with just a look-see of Destiny’s Child. Check out these sister stars in action with their first single’s I Bring Me, and Man. It seems that Orion’s Belt has entered earth’s atmosphere to create a mountain of trouble and passion.

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