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Voice Monet Recollects A Year And A Baby Later


[single]: A Year and a Baby Later

[Artist]: Voice Monet

Overall Grade/Rating: A-

Production: B+

Lyrics: A

Melody: B

Execution: A

Subject Matter: A-

Replay Value: B+

Visuals: A

Video Concept: A

Originality: B-

Skip or Spin: Spin


The shattered shards leftover from an emotionally draining relationship are reassembled  and rehashed through poetry over a beat by Space Gang, on Voice Monet’s latest single. The introduction includes an interesting snippet from jazz legend Sun Ra. Everything Ra said was out of this world, but the Ra snippet incorporated by Monet is even more interesting considering the context of her song.

Ra’s points on parallelism, and the need for balance in the universe is from where Monet departs into her tale of lover’s remorse. What seems like an awkward transition from Space Is the Place ideologies into a standard love tale, may be apart of Monet’s genius. The video was shot during the night at some unknown antiquitous location. Orange flood lights shine upon the aged architecture at night, and adds an even more mystic vibe to the story.

It’s easy to get drawn deeper into this tale with all of these dynamics thrown in the mix. When Monet drops lines such as, “as if we never loved each other, I guess?” you feel it.  Monet’s frustration with an emotionally detached significant other is understood through the abstract video set, and shots of her exploring the many rooftops, staircases, and endless grounds of the area.

The last shot of the video shows Monet’s statuesque silhouette standing tall and  looking ahead. This single is more along the lines of spoken word, and theatre than it is a hiphop cut. Therefore, as with any kind of art, it needs to be revisited several times to fully grasp the entire experience. Follow Monet @voicemonet




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