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Skoobkiie Is Anything But Another “One of Those”


[Single]: One of Those

[Artist]: Skoobkiie Tpor Corleone

Overall Grade/Rating: A-

Production: B

Lyrics: A

Melody: B

Execution: B+

Subject Matter: B+

Replay Value: A-

Originality: B-

Skip or Spin: Spin

Skoobkiie and ShayJToday hop on a melancholy composition trading hardships, and life’s trials. The formula is one that’s “another one of those,” as the hook goes. However, the honesty and straightforwardness projected by these two emcees is a gem. For those numb to rap music spewed out by today’s music industry, there’s much to appreciated on this track. There are no super o.g. lines, boasts about jewelry, cars, or demeaning sexual references directed towards women.

What listeners get to experience is a journey to some of the darkest regions of the human psyche. The things that come to mind and make it hard to get out of bed in the morning, insecurities, and feelings of uncertainty. Skoobkiie jumps right into it from the opening line with no gimmicks “past fuckin’ wit’ my future, a loser…” He picks up and builds with hope at the end of his verse “ain’t a thang I can’t have with God right at my side…,” and “versatile, switchin’ styles, gettin’ wild/crowd ain’t responded even though I killed they favorite clown.” The latter lines  shed light on Skoobkiie’s recognition of self worth as a struggling artist.


Shay spends time in his verse addressing those who doubted his talent “po’ out some liquor in remembrance of dead homies, and those that slept on me…” (a common roadblock to success everyone faces at some point).  What’s great about the delivery and storytelling skills of these two ecmcess is that they don’t leave listeners abandoned in the Inferno they created. They showcase hope and the importance of persistence when trying to achieve goals. Follow Skoobkiie @skoobkiie, and stay in the know.


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