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Big Boi Just Completed Work On His 3rd Solo Album

Big Boi Just Completed Work On His 3rd Solo Album

It’s been years since we last heard from OutKast. Big Boi has two solo albums under his belt, and a joint EP with Phantogram. While Andre 3000 has been appearing on a number of tracks as a feature.

Yesterday, during MLK Day, Big Boi jumped on his Instagram account to announce that he has finished his 3rd solo album. “We start our albums on MLK Day, but this year, we’re finishing a record on MLK Day,” the rapper said in a short video. “Very significant. Can’t wait to let you hear.”

#MLK #newLP #StayTuned #DaddyFatSaxxx 🆙 @epicrecords 🅱🅱

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Last year, he also said that the album will be touching on today’s current political climate. So we can take that to mean that he’ll be touching on police brutality and the whole Black Lives Matter movement. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Big Boi.

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