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Dante Elephante Reminds Us That It’s Never Wise To Trust A Junkie


Remember the  D.A.R.E. initiative of early 90’s? Well some time after that and into the present it became cool to be a junkie. As far as the music business is concerned, artists who themselves don’t take drugs make music about it. As we continue to live through the age where appearing strung out is a fashion statement, Dante Elephante is here to remind us that no matter what, “Never Trust a Junkie.”

The very colorful imagery incorporated in the music video gives viewers the feeling of  a bad acid trip. Random shots of random acts accompanied by pop culture pics from the late 20th century that popup throughout the video will make you think twice about picking up that pipe.


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Will Eady
Born and raised in the birthplace of Funk, and arguably the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, music is in my veins. If names like Bootsy Collins, and the Ohio Players ring a bell, then you know where I come from. As a musician and poet myself, I have an appreciation for art that hasn’t been inundated by the agendas of major labels and networks. Recently I’ve been sharing music and connecting with artists via social media. Follow me on Instagram @mainstream_music_isgarbage.