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Jamiroquai Announcement – Something Is Coming

Jamiroquai Announces New Album 'Automaton'

Jamiroquai has not put out an album since 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star. Plenty of fans have been waiting for their return, and we have as well. Since 2017 marks the band’s 25th anniversary, it would be pretty great if the group released a new album, right? Well, it looks like that may very well be happening.

Jamiroquai confirmed as much when they changed all of their social media graphics and whatnot, posting a very interesting video on their Facebook page.

Something is definitely coming. Some speculate that the title of the project could be simply Automaton, and that it will be arriving this March. This is a 21-second clip titled “Transmission 001,” that has a snippet of a new song – with the caption “Coming to a planet near you… #AUTOMATON”.

Bassist Paul Turner took to Twitter to clear some things up.

Jamiroquai Announcement - Something Is Coming

A tracklist is even rumored to have been confirmed.

-“Nights Out In The Jungle”
-“Gettin’ Down”
-“Cloud 9”
-“Dr. Buzz”
-“Nice And Spicy”
-“Shake It On”
-“Something About You”
-“Summer Girl”
-“Watching You”
-“We Can Do It”

So if this is all true, what do you think? Let us know in the comments down below.

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