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SOHN Returns With Confidence On ‘Rennen’


[Album]: Rennen
[Artist]: SOHN
Overall Grade/Rating: B- or 7.5/10
Production: B
Lyrics: A
Melody: A
Execution: B
Subject Matter: B
Replay Value: A
Fav Songs: Conrad, Hard Liquor, Proof
Least Fav Songs: Falling
Originality: A
Spin or Skip: Spin

SOHN dives a little more into R&B throughout Rennen, but keeps his signature production sound.

Even after enjoying some moderate success with 2014’s Tremors, it’s a little surprising SOHN hasn’t developed a much bigger fan base. That doesn’t slow down producer Christopher Taylor, who returns with the sophomore effort for his SOHN project. Rennen offers a lot of similarities to Tremors, but there is a clear confidence in the music that perhaps wasn’t as clear on Tremors. 

SOHN opens with maybe the strongest song on the album in “Hard Liquor”. There is considerable depth on “Hard Liquor” that many parts of Rennen don’t have. The vocal pad throughout the choruses really develop the sound and expand the emotion. “Conrad” brings back many signature SOHN sounds, but makes adds many new elements. The songwriting has clearly developed and gained a sharpness that wasn’t on Tremors.

“Signal” again points to the growth in Taylor’s songwriting, but there is also a growth in production. There are more samples on Rennen to back up  Taylor’s brilliant keyboard parts. Taylor is meticulous as far as production, each sound has it’s own space and purpose. It’s not often a sound could be removed from these productions without creating a glaring hole.

The title track, “Rennen”, is one of the more interesting sounds on the album. Taylor employs an actual piano sound instead of his signature keyboards. It is an interesting change of pace, and it keeps the emotion flowing through the album. “Falling” is another interesting track as it is composed mostly of percussion samples and vocals until the end.

Taylor closes out SOHN’s sophomore album with “Still Waters” and “Harbour”. Each song is dominated by Taylor’s unique vocals. “Harbour” expands about halfway through the track to close out the album, it opens up into a reflective tag. Overall, Rennen is confident and expansive, but it can ramble at times.

Get Rennen on Apple Music and Spotify, Watch the music video for “Hard Liquor” below.

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