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Milky Chance Prepares For New Album With “Doing Good”


Milky Chance is back with their understated folk-pop and it’s better than ever.

Milky Chance gained a good audience from their viral hit “Stolen Dance” from their 2014 debut album Sadnecessary. Now, the German duo has refined their sound, and is firing on all cylinders. “Doing Good” is not the same sound from the debut. Rather than being loose and unrefined like the debut, “Doing Good” definitely tightens up the screws.

Featuring precise guitars and unique drums, “Doing Good” creates an excellent feel. The vocals really fill in the space and have a unique sound, too. As the drums move in and out, there is a lot ups and downs in the production. The song really keeps you on your toes, not sure where it’s going to go next.

“Doing Good” is an impressive song and Milky Chance appears ready to take a big step forward on their sophomore effort. That album, Blossom, is due out March 17th. “Doing Good” definitely raises the bar for Milky Chance, and grows the anticipation for their new album.

Watch the music video for “Doing Good” below. Their debut, Sadnecessary, is available on Apple Music and Spotify. Again, Blossom is schedule for release on March 17.

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