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John Mayer Starts Ambitious New Album ‘The Search For Everything’


John Mayer releases the first four songs of his new album, The Search For Everything, in Wave One – EP.

Ambitious is a term used all too often these days, but it’s fitting for John Mayer’s new album. The album will be released in waves of four songs, each and every month of 2017. You read that correctly, by the end of the year, The Search For Everything will have 48 songs. That is a lot for a greatest hits box set, let alone an album of completely new music. It will be an impressive feat, but like any album it needs to be good. Wave One is certainly a good first impression.

This is the smoothest sound of Mayer’s career so far, and it fits very well. The EP opens with the groovy “Moving On and Getting Over”. The smooth electric guitars still have that signature Mayer tone, but they are noticeably more peaceful. The full stop hooks are very interesting and different. While understated this is probably the most expansive guitar work since 2009’s Battle Studies.

“Changing” appears to be the anthem for this set of songs, possibly the album. Mayer is coming to terms with getting older and adapting to the life of an older artist. The melodies throughout are unique and definitely help the song grow. Again, John is back to the guitar player he used to be as he opens up a pretty quality solo in the middle.

The first single “Love On The Weekend” continues to impress. The infectious groove sets this song above the rest. It features some excellent harmonies and background vocals that really expand this song. It’s fun and relatable, Mayer hasn’t lost a step in writing pop songs after two albums in the folk world.

Wave One ends with “You’re Gonna Live In Me Forever”. John Mayer channels his best Randy Newman impression. The piano ballad isn’t a tool used all too often by Mayer, but this is a really sweet song.

Wave One is just the start, but The Search For Everything is off to a good start. Listen to “Moving On and Getting Over” below and get Wave One on Apple Music and Spotify.

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