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“Just Happy” by Uncle JoJo Is Neo-Soul With A Touch of Jazz and R&B

uncle jojo

[Song]: Just Happy

[Artist]: Uncle JoJo

Overall Grade/Rating: 9

Production: A

Lyrics: B

Melody: A

Execution: A

Subject Matter: A

Replay Value: A

Skip or Spin: Spin

Critique: Not to be confused with “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, Uncle JoJo’s “Just Happy” is this much more personal, and a lot less generic. Opening the song with a scat that sounds like it fell from heaven, we hear the gentle sincerity in Uncle JoJo’s voice. The song starts off with a smooth and original tone, that tells the story about Uncle JoJo’s struggles; equality, peace, and new beginnings.  While it’s hard to find gems who truly capture what it means to be an artist in today’s R&B world, Uncle JoJo makes it easy. We can’t help but to think that behind his heartfelt and warm vocals were true and honest moments in his life contained within the lyrics.

My car broke down in Delaware and it dragged away my care, let me say a prayer. Pass me a couple of J’s. I’m ready to face. If you need me, I’ll be in space.”

I really enjoyed the song, and though the chorus was repetitive, it didn’t take away from the meaning and impact of each line.

I felt it. Uncle JoJo’s voice is soulful, expressive, warm and his range was impressive to say the least.

I just wanna be happy, I just wanna be happy, I just wanna be happy.”

Uncle JoJo gave an encouraging message, one we can all relate to:

Sacrifices have to be made. You’ll have to meet the universe half way. Why not start today all that other bulls**t let it fade, fade away.”

Overall, Uncle JoJo delivered. The production by Glory Muzic proves the two to be a great pair. The performance quality is high, both instrumentally and vocally. Overall, I find it an extremely good listen and am expecting to hear more from the talent that is Uncle JoJo.

Check out the video below and follow Uncle JoJo on Instagram @unclejojoart to stay updated.







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