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Six Deadly Femcees You Should Get To Know


Arguably, hiphop is still and will always most likely be a male dominated genre of music at its roots. However, the ladies have something to say, and have been keeping the art form alive through all the mumbling. Here are a few burgeoning femcees who go off every time they’re in front of the mic.

1. Gavlyn (@gavlynnn)


Her 2016 release Why Wait  proved that the 818 area code representative is here to stay. She’s been consistent with a flow of releases and music videos over the past five years. Her unique delivery and steady  flow is what sets her apart from her peers.

As an emcee, her appeal transcends gender, and bares a sort of universal relatability. In a recent interview with Snoop Dogg, Gav mentioned that she becomes  annoyed with being labeled as a “female” emcee. She went on to say that she strives to make  music that’s for everybody.

Watch Gav get gritty on one of the hits from her album Why Wait, “Backpacks.”


2. Flo Kennedy (@Floeticnyc)


Fully equipped with introspective,conscious rhymes and a true eastcoast style, the young Harlemite’s flow is the art form in it’s purest state. Her most recent EP, The He(art), is packed with raw beats, and the proclamation that she’s not a female rapper, she’s an emcee. In the opening track to her EP she states “it’s unattractive when n—– say I’m a female rapper…” (Both Flo and Gav have something in common here). Her nearly double time flow on some tracks is impressive. See her in action during a Team Backpack Cypher.


3. Vel The Wonder (@vel_nine)


What can’t this Los Angeles native do in the studio? Vel’s flow is just the tip top of her talent. Turn on tracks such as “Recipe” and you get a songstress  with lyrical abilities. Raised on Golden era hiphop, you’ll often hear Vel comfortable over a boombap beat. It’s still very early in her career and already she has classics. Listen to “Lizzy Love,” for example, where Vel demonstrates her storytelling skills, and she does the same on “Yellow Dress.” She’s definitely an artist who has an authentic love and respect for the culture. Check out her video for “Recipe.”

4. Mani Miles (@etherboyrecords)

maxresdefault (1)

Eeeether Boy! Ron Browz has recently discovered a gem hidden in the five Burroughs. Mani Miles is just starting to make a name for herself as an artist, and has been releasing mixtapes and freestlyes all over the internet. The Etherboy records signee has  a deadly flow that’s in the same vein of legends such as Foxy Brown, and Lil Kim. See her freestlye over the Notorious B.I.G’s “Dead Wrong” instrumental.

5. Donmonique (@donmon1que)


Welcome to a stoners paradise. Brooklynite Donmonique’s catchy hit “Pilates” is all about that bud, the different blends, and the cash flow that comes along with sharing it. The dark, sensual melody, baseline, and Don’s genius behind the catchy hook makes this the perfect club banger. She’s been making some waves on the internet, and her popularity will continue to surge. Get hip and take a look at the “Pilates” video.

6. Nitty Scott (@nittyscottmc)


Debatably the underground queen of hiphop, Nitty Scott has only been around for a few years now, and has an extensive catalogue of music videos and songs.  She’s one of three members in the group No Panty that includes Bodega Bamz and Joel Ortiz. She’s known among big names in the game, and has even dated Kendrick Lamar for a short stint. She has a polished, classic, and sassy flow. Watch how she gets down and represent her hometown, Brooklyn, Ny, over an old-school hiphop beat.





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