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Kalvin Love’s Latest Single Is All About Surfing On “Emoceans”


[Song]: Emoceans

[Artist]: Kalvin Love

Overall Grade/Rating: A

Production: B-

Lyrics: A

Melody: A-

Execution: A-

Subject Matter: A-

Replay Value: A


Originality: B

Skip or Spin: Spin

Critique: Kalvin (@1lovesociety) reminds us, on his latest single “Emoceans,” that life in the sun and on the beach is something we all need in our lives. The rubberband baseline (produced by Raj Chrome) in addition to Kalvin on the catchy hook, makes for an enjoyable stroll along the coastline.

There lies a Bobby Mcferrin element in Kalvin’s creation reminiscent of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as he describes the ups and downs of life  like water off a duck’s back. “I’m a loving man that love’s the sand, and love’s it when it’s a 100%…” he then goes into discussing his money woes, and going from having his pockets full to nothing.

He continues to vent and then brushes it off “vegan with the eatin’ is how I’m managin’// big bucks to be healthy man that shit sucks// meanwhile Instagram filled with big butts// while I’m runnin’ ’round with no luck and just trust// but hey I ain’t knockin’ them let’s keep it positive…” there goes the Mcferrin touch to close out the verse.

Kalvin’s cool to be calm perspective is contagious. He invites his listeners to shed their burdens and soak in the sun. Even if they don’t have access to warm temperatures and ocean fronts, he encourages his fans to just be. There’s love of life in his speech, and a peace philosophy. There’s no offense that comes through the speakers when you push play.

The production would be the only downside to this experience. It definitely could have been mixed better, but it’s hardly noticeable because the melody, baseline, and lyrics make up for it. This song needs to be added to your playlist right away. Listen to it when you’re happy, sad, excited, or high. Download the single here:


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