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Jordan Alexander Wants You To “Take Me Out Tonight”

Jordan Alexander Wants You To "Take Me Out Tonight"

Singer-songwriter Jordan Alexander is a remarkable young artist who has been doing her thing since 2013. When her girlfriend bought her a guitar and signed her up for the Spectra Talent Competition, everything else was history. Jordan won the competition performing an original song that she had written. AfterEllen has dubbed her the “Next Gay Pop Star.” She is more than excited to share her love and passion for music as well as songwriting.

In the Jarvis Church-directed video for “Take Me Out Tonight,” Jordan is taking her grandmother out with her and her friends for a night out on the town. We see them smoking a little bit of weed, drinking some tequila, riding on a cruiseship and even skinny-dipping at one point. “She actually shot tequila, smoked weed and skinny-dipped….YES she’s my GRANDMOTHER! Age ain’t nuthin but a number and I’m so blessed to have the world’s coolest grandma!”

The song itself is a super sweet tune with strong vocals and a very catchy hook. It’s bound to get stuck in your head at some point.

Check her out on Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook.

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