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Thundercat Returns With “Show You The Way”

Thundercat Returns With "Show You The Way"

The soulful and funky Thundercat has returned, gearing up for a new release. Following his EP from 2015, The Beyond / Where the giants Roam, the bass player and singer is announcing a new album titled Drunk. It’s going to be his biggest album to date.

“I feel like it’s a place that I’ve been in different ways, seen different angles of and it’ s been a bit inspirational, the drinking. It has its ups and downs and everything, but I felt like it showed the human side of what goes on behind things, something that I see with all of my friends… I felt like it was kind of interweaved in the music culture. And it’s something that’s never talked about.”

Today, he shares a new single, “Show You The Way,” featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. The album itself is going to feature Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, as well as Pharrell Williams.

Thundercat’s Drunk Tracklist:

01. Rabbot Ho
02. Captain Stupido
03. Uh Uh
04. Bus in These Streets
05. A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II)
06. Lava Lamp
07. Jethro
08. Day & Night
09. Show You The Way [ft. Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins]
10. Walk on By [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
11. Blackkk
12. Tokyo
13. Jameel’s Space Ride
14. Friend Zone
15. Them Changes
16. Where I’m Going
17. Drink Dat [ft. Wiz Khalifa]
18. Inferno
19. I Am Crazy
20. 3AM
21. Drunk
22. The Turn Down [ft. Pharrell]
23. DUI

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