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Aquilo Delivers Long-Awaited LP ‘Silhouettes’


[Album]: Silhouettes
[Artist]: Aquilo
Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10
Production: A
Lyrics: A
Melody: B+
Execution: A-
Subject Matter: A
Replay Value: A
Fav Songs: Human, Never Seen You Get So Low
Least Fav Songs: Blindside, Silhouette
Originality: A
Skip or Spin: Spin

In the making since 2014, Aquilo finally delivers their first full length album Silhouettes.

When Aquilo released their Human EP in 2014, it was easy to hear something special in their music. Painting Pictures of a War EP backed it up excellently in 2015. Finally in 2017, Aquilo releases their first LP Silhouettes. Their unique songwriting and production is set to see it’s biggest audience yet.

Silhouettes opens with two slow-burn piano ballads, “Silhouette” and “Blindside”. They highlight their songwriting and excellent vocals right from the start. While both are excellent songs, the choice to put both at the start was probably unwise. “Silhouette” could easily be the emotional peak of the album, and the first track is not usually where you want that. The vocals on “Human” and the excellent production give this song a tremendous amount of space. “Never Hurt Again” is the first upbeat song on the album, and it adds much needed change of pace.

“You Won’t Know Where You Stand” is another highlight for the vocals. The vocals are layered throughout the song and are constantly adding and subtracting. This technique creates an interesting texture, and creates a lot of movement in the vocal. ‘I Gave It All” is another song from the early releases, and again, it holds up well. The production makes it one of the top ballads on the album.

Aquilo shows their musicianship on “Complication”. Led by an acoustic guitar riff, and several electric guitars, they establish one of the tightest grooves on the album. The versatility of their production is their strongest tool. Moving from synths, to piano, to guitars, song to song is pretty hard to pull off, but they do it well.

“Never Seen You Get So Low” is the highlight of the album. The falsetto background vocals, combined with the excellent groove, create the most interesting song on the album. Aquilo combines nearly every element of Silhouettes on this one song, and it proves a worthwhile combination.

Watch Aquilo perform “Never Seen You Get So Low” below. Silhouettes is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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