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P.S I’m Still Not Over You

02 P.S. (I’m Still Not Over You) Review

I hate starting my day late. You know how it goes; you rush to eat, stomp your toe on something moving too fast, and you lose the time to put together a good “in the moment” playlist. I just had that kind of morning, but spared 4 minutes to listen to the next track on A ♂irl Like Me. I like to plan my moody playlists ahead of time for these exact scenarios. Music is the tool that helps me release un-needed emotion, even though it may seem to the naked eye that I take in more emotion listening. I got a bad case of the feels earlier and need to remove them and quick.

Get away from me that’s contagious

We all know what it feels like to separate from someone who made us feel a way. It feels horrible but it makes you warm and comfortable. Sweet nostalgia at its finest. The next song on my playlist is also by Rihanna. I can’t help it, I love her! The song is P.S. (I’m Still Not Over You.) This is another track I would call underrated, it was also on her second studio LP. It seems like she hit every corner of the feels in this song which is why I feel so drawn to it. Its like she predicted this moment and created a cure. The vocals were better than in Unfaithful, but still not power house, and that perfectly okay contrary to popular belief. This time it was the musical arrangement that wasn’t that appealing. Can’t get a break can you?

The musical arrangement wasn’t impressive to the ear but was very impressive to the body because I couldn’t help but bop my head back and forth. This motion is my way of release. My mom told me that music was the only way to calm me down as a baby, it just does something to my nerves. The best thing about this track is the story; it was objective enough to relate to a lot of people and subjective enough to distinguish a personality, and most important it feels honest. “I’ve tried to get you out of my mind, but it don’t get no better as each day goes by.” 

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