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Today is a distant “friend?” of mines birthday; I think. As I picked through my brain to figure out if it is actually today or was yesterday, I accidentally pressed the play button on my mac and A ♂irl Like Me started to play; with Unfaithful by my seductress Rihanna streaming first. I’m pretty sure it’s today but much like my seductress I am unfaithful, which also means my cognitive organ can only hold and retain so much information at a given time or era in my life. I’m unfaithful in schooling and peopling. What I mean by being unfaithful is; not having the luxury of finding love at a young age such as my 20’s. In the sense of loving myself and my soul mate. My personality is a little revealing to the eyes watching me so they’d instantly know who I am by how they perceive me. Which also means they’d know when I’m lying, my mom always told me I was a bad liar.

What do you even mean?

My personality is my comfort; I gain trust faster than most people because I let everyone in on my whole self and not just a 20% booster. You know about the 80/20 scenario right? The only way I can trust someone is if I have their trust, my real friends know what that means. It’s now safe to say that Unfaithful got me in my feels. It was a more underrated track on Rihanna‘s second studio LP, hence the title of my weekly curated playlist. To this day, Unfaithful ranks as my all time favorite Rih-Jam, next to Stay. Now, if I’m being honest, the vocals in the track were not very appealing but you could tell she was trying which made it more personal, and I instantly grew connected to the song. My longest standing dream is to be a singer/songwriter but since I wasn’t born with the innate talent I have to work a little bit harder and longer to live the dream.

The vocals may not have been up to par but the musical arrangement was phenomenal. The musical arrangement put me in a sort of ‘trance’ as I listened to each lyric. Who ever the band is playing the backbone to my favorite song, you guys are amazing. Stay tuned to read a review for every track on A ♂irl Like Me. (p.s I know that’s the male sign, get it?)

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