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Beyoncé Announces Destiny Child Reboot

Should Beyoncé and Rihanna collaborate?

Okay this ‘Destiny’s Child’ accusation is a bit of a far reach; we don’t know what plans Beyoncé has for her children so lets stop this petty and unnecessary trend. Before we get a Carter Family Destiny’s Child, we would need a Beyoncé and Rihanna collaboration. I know right!? It’s like we both have been waiting, desperately, to see if the two would actually attempt to shift the journalistic paradigm. Who should ‘really’ be reading the Tidal editorial; children, teens, or adults? Anyway if the two ever figure out how to exchange creative energies, at their peak energy levels, they would indeed collide their mountains; more than they already have. Is the “stoner-church girl” personality comparison holding them back, or have the two been showing each other masks?

Art is perception, lets look into the divine mirror for a lesson on the truth of the spectrum. If you have any comments or questions we do have a comments section all the way at the bottom of this page; figure out a way to post anonymously for comfort.

mars amun artchitect

So just a few minutes ago I log in to twitter to find out that our token superstar Yoncé is pregnant with twins. She never manages to stay away of mainstream news, is she addicted or is she just that B*tch? Looks like a Destiny’s child reboot is possible but lets give it at least 15 years to see the light of day. Just as any other interested fan would I trolled twitter to see what everyone was saying about this big news, and here’s what I found.

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