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03 Pon De Replay Review

You guys would be happy to hear that I’ve cured myself of the feels. I hate that its only temporary though. It took all day but I’m finally at ease and ready for bed, but not without a little energy peak. I love listening to pop-bops before bed, weird right? Due to my inevitable insomnia, I have to make myself tired to actually get a good nights rest. I may have cured my contagious feels but something still remains; frustration. You know what kind of frustration I’m talking about. The only person that could cure my frustration kind of hates me at the moment so I have to play the field for a while; I think of this as a good thing. Having sexual freedom is a good thing, It gets rid of those unfaithful thoughts. Everyone gets tired of the same ol’ mistakes after a while.

The next song on A ♂irl Like Me starts playing after connecting my bluetooth headphones. The iconic bop Pon De Replay comes on and I instantly start jumping out my skin. Quick alternative fact; Pon de replay translates to on the replay. This is Rihanna‘s difficult but appealing Barbadian way of asking for a song to be replayed. This bop is inevitable pop, its everything a teenage party monster needs in their life. This lyrics of this track walks you through what exactly to do and how to move, and the backbone beat backs up these lyrics with bangin’ bass and a rhythmic tempo. The vocals don’t really matter in this track because the purpose differs from the others. Its meant to get you up and dancing.

This track is making me hot

As my cousin stares at me with an astonishing look, wondering where my mind has gone because I’ve lost it, thoughts of a new fantasy that has been growing on me crosses my mind. Here’s the scenario; I’m at a little Friday night T-Up and the DJ starts playing music. I look over at the DJ, admiring his innate skills and attractive appearance. We instantly make a connection and with this connection our minds become one. He starts playing tracks that he knows will get me going, and in return I turn his gig upside down with my energetic and magnetic charm. I’ll keep the intimate details and skip to the end. Pon De Replay starts to play; he knows this is my favorite bop which makes the moment golden, so I show off a little, gain credibility as the life of the party, and enjoy our little “DJ-muse” moment. You know what happens when the party is over. The icing on the cake of the fantasy.

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