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04 Shut Up And Drive Review

Ready for an early afternoon adrenaline rush? I know I am, which is why I’m sitting down at a local coffee shop. Can you guess the name of this coffee shop? If you need a hint just think about my addiction to everything gold. What coffee shop gifts their loyal customers with gold? While you try to figure out where I am, I’m getting a head start on my adrenaline rush. First things first, I need my caffeinated fuel, and a hot pop-bop to get my pulse racing. The moments pop-bop is number four on A ♂irl Like Me, another song by my seductress. I promise we’re almost done with this era. The track is Shut Up And Drive, and the mood is thrill-seeking.

Shut Up And Get On With The Review

Good Girl Gone Bad was the era before I knew what “stanning” was but I knew I would stan for Rihanna. This was the turning point in her career, right after the domestic incident with Chris Brown, which I’m still convinced was a well-played PR Stunt. This was the era that “badgalriri” was born. I’m currently in Starbucks surrounded by a lot of old people, listening to Rihanna; rebel right? Shut Up And Drive isn’t much of a party-bop but its something fun to listen to when you need a boost of energy. Her vocals make it sound like she’s about 12 or 13, and the backbone beat sounds like a Disney concert tour; however, the subject matter isn’t exactly what you would call Disney-pop.

“If you really wanna go, if you know what I mean.” 

My favorite part of the song is when the beats transitions to that “speed skate at the roller rink” on a Saturday night vibe. It’s the embodiment of the 90’s. What ever happened to roller skating being a trendy event on the weekends anyway? Whenever I listen to music that gives me an adrenaline rush I get annoyingly energetic. Let me give you a scenario; Shut Up And Drive makes me think I’m a rock star, and the fueling electric guitar chords are my invisible guitar. All of a sudden I get up in front of all these old people and rock my heart out. You’d love to see that wouldn’t you? I know they would. This thrill-seeking track also makes me want to speed across the high way in a Lamborghini;  A girl can only dream right?

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