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05 Take A Bow Review

So I’ve been trying to go to sleep for about an hour now, and no luck. Oh yeah, I have mild anxiety. I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor but I’m smart enough to spectate my fellow peers who were diagnosed. I have really strong attention to detail. Some have worse conditions than I have; I wish I could help more than I already have been. My body shakes uncontrollably when I’m nervous, or hold in too much emotional energy. My leg shakes for hours when I lay my head at night, this occurs until I fall asleep. I’ve figured out something that works for me; In order to release this unwanted energy I get active. I usually clean, workout, or write and this helps, sometimes. If I’m in an open environment, my nervous interior controls my shaky exterior. It’s nothing to worry about though.

Get on with the review

As I pour out a very personal and vulnerable secret of mine, Take A Bow by you know who starts playing. Tidal really knows when to swoop in and save the day. This track is number five on A ♂irl Like Me. I remember the day I first created my dream to become a singer/songwriter. The song was Take A Bow, and I probably played it over 50 times and sung my little heart out. My vocals were horrible but I told myself to keep trying. I live by those words I told my younger self everyday. Take A Bow was a window for me too look into Rihanna‘s soul. I think of her as my shadow, and Beyoncé as my reflection. The song was intimate, vulnerable, and strong. I knew her vocals were getting stronger, and her nerves more calm. I love every part of this track from the slow and steady backbone beat to the forgiving but un-forgetting story. This song is a classic; which is why when I see or hear someone coming for her I jump on the target like a soldier at war. I hate when something gets overlooked that deserves attention.

Are you trying to infect everyone with the feels?

I’m in my feels again, but this time a have a quick scenario for you. I get in a relationship with someone I like a lot. We party, chill, connect, but something flickers. The balance of energy tilts and one person give more time and energy than the other. I split with my significant other, but he or she then runs back to me to apologize. That’s where this track comes in handy. My heart is my most prized possession; it allows me to build an emotional wall around myself for protection. When I let my wall down for someone, and they remind me why I build it day in and day out. It will take more than just an apology to give me the strength to let it back down. This scenario can also be flipped If I am the person who betrayed the other; but I work for my forgiveness. Nothing in life comes free.

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