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Ed Sheeran Releases Candidate for Weirdest Music Video of 2017


The new video for “Shape Of You” has a unique storyline, to say the least.

In his first video of 2017, for “Castle On The Hill”, Ed Sheeran reflected on his younger days and caught up with old friends. “Shape Of You” is not as literal as “Castle On The Hill”, to be sure.. Music videos do not always connect to the lyrics. Sometimes they focus on an emotion or a singular point in a song. Other videos are mostly just performance videos. “Shape Of You” is still a little different, and has a twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud.

It starts innocently enough, the story involves Sheeran as a boxer. Then, a fellow boxer quickly becomes the love interest of the story. The two develop their relationship, which includes some couples boxing training. A little over halfway through the video, things take a turn as the love interest bolts, leaving a cool ‘÷’ themed mouthguard and a picture as a parting gift to Boxer Ed. Heartbroken, he trains harder than ever, preparing for his upcoming underground fight. We have come to the twist of our story, so watch it here before we discuss the remainder of the video.

“Odd” is probably a sufficient word for the end of this video. Boxer Ed in a sumo suit is certainly not the direction this video seemed to be heading. Sumo Ed being chased by a real sumo wrestler is highly entertaining. He clearly didn’t stand a chance and is thoroughly beaten. Boxer love interest returns with a revenge jump kick intended for the sumo wrestler, which doesn’t quite land before we cut to black.

This certainly isn’t a bad video, just a little weird and very entertaining. The music obviously is top notch. ‘÷’ is well on it’s way to being the best album of Sheeran’s career so far. Check out both music videos for “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” and stream them on Apple Music and Spotify.

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