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06 If I Never See Your Face Again Review

The one thought that changed my entire perspective on life as we collectively know it was a simple question that I asked myself when I had been challenged by someone; sexually, and mentally. Don’t be over dramatic, it’s just what you go through when you know you…

“dat b*tch, cus you cause all this conversation.”

Being in an unrequited, love-interested friendship, you question the way you naturally feel and wonder if it’s good or bad. My question was, “What was that feeling, and why was it different from the rest?” Before I had this thought, I would always look to other people for answers, but was this my downfall? You see, personality is an innate quality, or sixth sense, that you can’t duplicate. It’s what makes everyone unique; like a finger print. I’m not even gonna lie, A ♂irl Like Me was playing the whole 15 minutes it took me to jot this thought down. So I now have to go back and listen to the track that gave me this sacred energy; wisdom. It’s number six on A ♂irl Like Me. We’re closing in on the “Rihanna-Muse” phase and the track is If I Never See Your Face Again, featuring Maroon 5.

throwback maroon 5 rihanna news

This was an amazing collaboration, I didn’t grow up a fan of Maroon 5, however, after hearing this for the first time I checked in on their later projects annually. In this track we saw Rihanna show how versatile she was in music and in her media personality. Back then no one would have guessed this collaboration would happen, and how good it would be. They merged their separate audiences for a collective acquaintanceship. Who has everyone wanted a collaboration from for quite some time now, but we all know would never happen? Come back later to see who these two artists are and how this may be a complicated obstacle to hurdle.throwback maroon 5 rihanna news

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