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Check Out ‘Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light’ By Menace To $ociety

Check Out 'Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light' By Menace To $ociety

Every now and then, you come across an artist or group that tries to do something a little different with a familiar genre. Las Vegas hip-hop collective Menace To $ociety just released their EP Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light. With production done by Tantu Beats, TaylorKing and P.Soul, the three members of Menace To $ociety (Francis Rivera, Santino Rivera, Mason Liefried) make it known that they are not your typical rappers.

The three can hold their own on the microphone, each with a unique flow of their own. They’re able to convey this pretty easily throughout this 4-track EP. It’s short and to the point, with no wasted filler. They write some pretty introspective lyrics, and their lane is like a Drake mixed with Kid Cudi. Part of that is because of the production, and the guys can flow and spit when they want to. But they’re not just spitting over beats, they’re crafting real songs here. While not perfect, there’s certainly enough here to say that these guys have something.

You can find all of their social media links through their Soundcloud page.

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