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Listen To ORieL Explain Why What “People Say” Doesn’t Matter

Listen To ORieL Explain Why What "People Say" Doesn't Matter

Reggae artist ORieL has been cultivating his passion for music ever since he was a kid. He was a member of a drum band and was an active member of his school and church choir. He moved to Pittsburgh and became a club DJ as well as a studio engineer. So when it comes to music, ORieL knows what he’s doing. That much is made clear on his latest track, “People Say.”

The song itself is beautiful. Soft keys on the piano surrounded by ambient sounds brings us in during the intro. It has a really nice effect. The overall sound of the song is not one of a typical reggae track. There are definitely some modern R&B sounds interwoven into the production, all pleasing to the ear. Some really nice violins come creeping in towards the second half of the song, bringing in some romantic vibes.

People say, your heart is never gonna be invincible/People say, in love you lose, in love you lose for sure.”

The lyrics are speaking to those who have skepticism towards someone’s relationship, even your own. You know the type. There are always a million reasons someone can give you to not be in a relationship with one particular person. “You get too close, you’ll get burned, so stay away,” OrieL sings. These are things many of us have been told in one way or another at one point. ORieL makes it clear that what other people have to say is irrelevant. Love is love and he is going to enjoy it for everything it’s worth.

The vocals are solid all throughout the track, as well. The vocals did not blow me away but they certainly got the job done. Outside of that, there isn’t much more to the track. The song is pretty straight forward about its theme and message. That may end up working in the songs favor.

In addition, ORieL stated: “Love is an emotion that connects all humans, no matter the race, creed or class, it is a uniting feeling. We can all relate at one point or another in our lives. I sing of real life, from social conscious matters to love, ‘People Say’ is one of the aspects of my upcoming album, just like it is one of the aspects of life.”

So “People Say” should be a song that plenty of people can relate to and it comes from an honest place. That may be one of the strongest aspects of the song. Give ORieL’s “People Say” a listen and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

ORieL has a debut album coming this Spring, so definitely be on the lookout for that.

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