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Don’t Call Yourself An Indie Artist’ If You Don’t Have This…

It seems to me that the new “wave” is being an Indie Artist’. But some of you don’t know the true meaning of being an Indie Artist’ and the craft that comes with it. You can’t wake up one day and say to yourself “I think I want to be an Indie Artist’.” and start calling yourself one, that is not how it works. It takes time and dedication. You have to have a plan. Build a brand. Have a budget. Network and deliver a great image but most of all, have the art and passion along with it.

Why should I listen to your music? In order for someone to buy your music, they must be able to listen to it, right? What about your art is going to stand out to me to get me to listen to your music. Is your music professionally made? How many hours do you spend in the studio? Are you putting out an album and how many songs will be on the album? Are there any features? How’s the quality?

When you think of Bob Marley you think of ‘weed smoking’,  Rastafarian, and Jamaica. Or, when you think of  Tupac you think of raw stories, philosophy, and just all around dope ass rapper. What’s your brand – who/what do you stand for?

Being an artist is great. You get to share to the world your craft, your art; but, do you understand the business part that comes along with it. As and artist you are a business. You have to sell yourself. What’s your audience? Are you going to shows? Are you performing at these shows? Invest in yourself. If you’re an Indie Artist’ that still works a 9-5 don’t spend all day working your 9-5 and not coming home to invest in yourself. The saying is indeed true: It takes money to make money.” as cliche’ as it sounds.

NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! I can not stress that enough! Interact with your fans on social media. If you don’t have any social media accounts I suggest you make some ASAP. Make an email if you don’t have one already.  Go to as many concerts as you can, venues, cafe’s, and bars. Anything that will get you exposure and get your music out there.

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