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Ki Breaux Dives In With ‘Deep Water’

Ki Breaux

Ki Breaux Deep Water Review

Colorado-based artist Ki Breaux shows us what you can do with little in Deep Water. We all know what music is like when there’s a deep and scintillating story behind the lyrics, but what about a quick yet effective thought? Breaux shows us that you don’t have to tell it all in your music all the time. A quick thought process could very well do the trick. The beginning of the track makes me think about that feeling you get when moving to a new and big city. You feel lost, scared, excited, and anxious; when mixed of course the feeling is something totally new, and thrilling. The lyrics come in and all of a sudden it seems as if you’ve been augmented into an intimate affair where Breaux is on stage singing to whoever he was thinking about when recording this hypnotizing track. Listening to this track will surely give you that natural high that you expect music to give you; rhythmic euphoria. If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, check out the track below and live in the moment.

“Over-dose on that good love.” -KI Breaux


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