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Can’t Nobody Do It Better Than Christina Milian

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Christina Milian Like Me review

Its been a long day, and I blame Winter. The chilled season decided to come out of hiding and show herself today. Snow makes me restless with a feeling like I can’t get out and be active. I used to love snow as a kid; maybe it’s because the world seemed much bigger, and my responsibilities were the size of a snowflake. My heart feels cold even though the heat is blazing, which brings me to this moment. I can’t decide whether to take a chance, listening to an indie artist, or go with someone a little more mainstream. This is a really hard decision because hearing the wrong song could very well freeze my heart even more than it already is.

Driver roll up the partition please

I could either take a chance on an indie artists, or receive instant satisfaction from someone I know will warm my heart. The third partition known as the grey area, would be combining the two and coming up with a third choice. Instead I’m going to go with someone who is mainstream but not in music, I know they’ll satisfy me but I’m not sure it’ll be because of their music. Let’s find out.

Ten minutes later

The artist is Christina Milian, and the track is Like Me ft. Snoop Dogg. Synonymous for offering up her seductive vocals for hot features, the pop actress is starting to take the lead in music. Like Me was a hot pop-bop, but if I’m being honest it wasn’t because of Chrissy, can I call you that? It’s not like our girl isn’t talented, it’s just that the lyrics didn’t fit her vocals. Snoop stole the song with his eccentric rhymes, which was the best part of the track in my opinion. Before I let our girl know what I would love to hear from her in the future, I have to share the fluctuated thoughts this 2015-16 bop gave me.

I have this friend who is kind of an a**hole, but there’s this part of me that loves that part of him. He gets a pass because his heart was broken before, and I see right through his act; and because he makes music that touches my soul. I knew I’d be satisfied listening to ya girl; my heart grew warm while listening to the track but with a mixture of passion and confidence. You see I’m kind of cocky when it comes to relations. I love it when I know I’m on someones mind even when they act like they’re not bothered by me. No matter how much they try “can’t nobody do it like me.”  

In the future I’d love to hear something a little more R&B and a little less pop from Milian. I have a feeling that if she took her time and really catered to her soul, she’d exceed her own expectations; just like she exceeded mine when I found out she was the voice behind the Kim Possible theme song. “So what’s the sitch?”

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