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Elliot Moss Releases New Single “ClosedLoop”


Elliot Moss’ new single “Closedloop” is the first new song following his popular song and music video “Without The Lights”.

After striking gold on “Without The Lights”, Elliot Moss hopes new single “Closedloop” will continue to grow the fanbase. The new single, however, doesn’t benefit from a top-notch music video like “Without The Lights”. Moss’ excellent vocals still propel this song, as they do in all of his music.

Vocals and electric piano slowly bounce over a pocketed drum groove throughout “Closedloop”. A sharp synth pops up again as it does in “Without The Lights”. That synth is the main difference in this new music from Moss’ first album Highspeeds. It can be slightly jarring at first, but it does have a nice contrast to Moss’ ever-smooth voice.

If you haven’t seen the music video for “Without The Lights”, you can check it out here. It’s an excellent video and has a powerful message. Not much is known about Moss’ upcoming sophomore album, however, each single has had the same cover art so far. Elliot Moss definitely has gained some fans from these singles.

Check out “Closedloop” below, and watch the video for “Without The Lights” in the link above. Elliot Moss’ debut, Highspeeds, is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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