Cooper Phillip’s “Party By Myself” Is The Ultimate Anthem If You’re Newly Single (Even On Valentine’s Day)


Cooper Phillip draws you in within seconds of pressing play with the intriguing storyline found in her new pop single, “Party By Myself.” Right away, we’re made aware of the purpose of the song – to forget an ex-lover and capture the happiness and comfort of independence. While the song has profound meaning and is sure to bring a sense of empowerment to any woman who has let go of a lover who’s wronged her, the groove of the song is surely just as noteworthy. High energy, rhythmic bass, dynamic drums and vibrant synths are what characterizes “Party By Myself” as a radio smash.

The song was released late October on Spotify and has amassed over 3 million streams across digital platforms and still counting. Phillip describes the meaning of the song as an “idea of self love and strength” and not needing “anybody else to be happy.” Having been betrayed in her life by friends, lovers and people she’s trusted the song teaches the listener to rely on yourself and “open up only in front of the right people.” Any song that has the ability to empower you and make you dance is definitely one to add to your catalog.

Listen to the song below:

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